Great Day At Work

The other day I had a really good day at work. We had a bunch of children come to our discovery center in order to learn.

It was one of the best days that I ever had. The look on the children’s faces when they saw all of the birds was something that I will never forgot.

God truly is great and wonderful for all of the creatures that he provides us with.

We are going to be holding several camps this summer, which I am super pumped for. We’re going to have about 100 kids stay at each camp for a week.

When there, the children will learn about how to take care of animals. There will be plenty of dogs, too, in addition to our normal animals. We’re going to have someone from the American Kennel Club come and talk to the kids.

Businesses have been donating items left and right. Some of our sponsors include:

It will be great!

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